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the launchpad of your self-iMprovement joUrney


Boutique Pilates & Fitness Studio from the Comfort of Your Place

A virtual Personal trainer, your GO-TO app, Machine, and the very best workouts that get you in (and out) of the gym. Boutique Kinetica fitness is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. A refreshing and different fitness approach that bolsters the benefits of real Pilates. Partnering this with cutting-edge functional training, and recovery techniques, Kinetica Fitness delivers a pleasurable and holistic experience.

woman with pilates training

One-stop Shop for All Your Health and Wellness Needs

Maximize and track your performance and physical potential with specialized fitness and rehabilitation programs. There’s something for every mood, every level, and every goal.

More Than Just Fitness

Come for the physical training, stay for the premium service and community.

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Vibrant Health

Patented Smart Cable Fitness Technology that gives you the strength and balance to be active and balance for life.

Break the boredom

Progress by challenging yourself by totally new fun combination of Cable, Pilates and fitness. Our computerize Cable machine offers the ultimate in user freedom.

Any stage of your life

We provide low intensity safe workouts without compromising the health of our clients.

Track. Manage. Lean

An all-in-one system to manage your training activity. Exercising is only a click away. Get healthy effortlessly and track your progress with synced Kinetica App.

​​Find Your Community

​​We’re greater than the sum of our parts. Connect with like-minded Pilates and Fitness Lovers .


Stream Anywhere, Anytime

Stream Kinetica on any of your devices, wherever you are.

Becoming the best version of yourself is impossible without the best coaching. Be it sports, music or dance, the value of quality guidance in progress is universally unquestioned. It's time to apply that to your workouts too. Welcome to Kinetica TV.

Marina's professional online workouts provide:​


A Biomechanically balanced combination of resistance and bodyweight training, scientifically proven to be effective


A focus on good posture, form and alignment through incorporation of pilates principles.


A perfect ratio of challenging and low impact exercises specifically designed to prevent and even help treat injuries.

Get all this without ever having to walk out the door with KinetiCa TV - a comprehensive exercise regime from world-class athlete, physio and trainer Marina Goddu. All you need is a mat, small props and your phone.

Simple and Flexible Pricing

Every plan starts with a 14-day trial. Enjoy your membership by clicking on the programs that suits you best.

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Monthly Plan


This subscription will give you unlimited access to all of our content monthly.

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Annually (Save 15%)


This subscription will give you unlimited access to all of our content annually.

Meet Our Instructors

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STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer and Physical Therapist

“I've been a client since having my child and Marina and her team has been amazing in restoring my core strength and helping me get fit again. The personal sessions and group classes (max 3) are great and the trainers really work with you to address your specific needs and concerns! I always feel a lot more balanced after my session.” 

—  Davina Chew

Vibrant Fitness 
is Right Here

Everyone should have access to the world’s greatest Pilates, Fitness and Physical Therapy practice.

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