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REFORM Intensive
and discover how to level up the fitness that puts you in complete control of your strength ( and health!) in just 12 weeks

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this thoughts probably cross your mind "Why Your Workout Routine May Not be Working as well as you Want".

You've invested a ton of time and energy to find the perfect training to achieve goals and solve your needs and body issues, but it have not.

 Proper Training Plan can change the quality of your life, and make you stronger, happier, and healthier! But you need to discover what works for you, not everyone else.

... tired (so tired) of not getting the results you want...not sure where to find the next professional or studio to go to. 

...and you are ready to get off the treadmill where you have some good days and the problem ( pain, low energy, extra weight, bad mood...) comes back. 


You've figured out how to get this far with lots of hard work and tries.

Pieces of training you've done keep you stronger for a while, but you are more than capable of building the body you want.

there is just one piece of the puzzle that's missing

                   A powerful (yet simple) training strategy


YOU don't need change

But, you need to change the way you train 
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1. First, you need to investigate what you need to fix. Why do you have a problem? Check your posture, movement habits, and muscles unbalanced condition.

2. Second, you need to know, how you actually build to move and what moves or positions you need to improve

3. Third, do a unique, impactful, and effective exercises program,

 ( just 12 weeks),

which are critical to fixing problems and building constantly physical body health

A digitized ASSESSMENTS will kick-start your fitness journey and move in the right direction.

Before starting the correct training program LEAN how your body is designed to move, and break old inefficient movement habits.

Customized 3-month WORKOUT PROGRAM for your needs. For vitality at any age, injury rehab, sports improvement, and more begin with basic instruction and progress with each session.



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Give up the expensive membership, crowded gym, and ugly, clanking equipment. All programs you can do online at the convenience of your Home

                                                                                                     Free yourself with KinetiCa






Let's begin with understanding what diagnostic of posture, movements and muscles can help you improve your overall health and why it's the key. This collected database covers primarily for finding week arias or habits, which leads to injuries, low energy, poor performance.

As the Fundamentals of Biomechanics explains, if you want to move efficiently without injury, you first need to understand how your own body is naturally designed to move.


1. Anamneses:

A. you will full up form at home with questions of prior history of activities, injuries, chronic conditions...

B. Sending us full length 4 pictures 

 2.Postural assessment - 1. 5 hour - (report will be sent to you)

+ leaning 7 basic posture rules

3. Movement assessment - 1.5 hour - checking, leaning, correcting fundamental movements 

4. 18 Physical tests - 1.5 hour 

Entering the results of 18 basic moves will provide you with a detailed baseline of your strength, flexibility, and balance.

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Effectively after finding out what you have to correct, you will receive 3 - months corrective exercise plan:

- With assess to video library.

- Workout tracker PDF 

- One private consultation with Marina during program.

Many exercises using the cables (resistance band) and some without.

The CABLE resistance technology, progression and customized approach breaks the boredom of typical exercise equipment.



will send you recommendations which will include:

accessories you need for "FIX" plan

recovery tips

activities that you need to avoid

- recommending one of Marina’s COLLECTIONS trainings at home to continue your progress are streamed from the App and website.  Unlike random exercises based on what is popular or the gym instructor’s favorites, these are customized for you and organized so you progress steadily and safely in your fitness journey.




 - Where to get and how to set up your Home Fitness Studio: Two, smooth, quiet, easy-to-adjust CABLES provide constant resistance and a big range of motion in three dimensions.  A hand handles are included.

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