More and more people of all ages are working out at home.  They are freeing themselves from traffic, parking, gym memberships, crowded unhealthy gyms and locker rooms.

Marina has designed KinetiCa to fit your lifestyle and décor.  A modern sleek, foldaway design reveals a complete training system, built around Marina’s patented cable machine and accessed by a Smart TV, delivers customized workouts to you with the touch of the screen. 

Workout programs customized for sports improvement, vitality at any age, injury rehab and more, begin with basic instruction and progress with each session.  The technology, progression and customized approach breaks the boredom of typical exercise equipment.  The system comes complete with exercise mat, hand weights, stretch bands – all you need to meet your fitness and vitality goals.  Give up the expensive membership, crowded gym and ugly, clanking equipment.

Free yourself with KinetiCa


Cable. Props. Smart TV. Workouts. Track


DESIGN as home exercise equipment: you can put it in any room, small or large, office, den, or living room. Rather than clanging bars and weights, it is a sleek and light piece of furniture you will be proud to have in your home.  Included exercise accessories are stored discretely.

Two, smooth, quiet, easy-to-adjust CABLES provide constant resistance and a big range of motion in three dimensions.  A range of handles and straps are included.

A digitized ASSESSMENT will kick-start your fitness journey.  Entering the results of 17 basic moves will provide you with a detailed baseline of your strength, flexibility, and balance.  The app will then provide you with a personalized journey, recommending one of Marina’s COLLECTIONS strength training at home and more to guide your progress.  Unlike random exercises based on what is popular or the gym instructor’s favorites, these are customized for you and organized so you progress steadily and safely in your fitness journey.

Full-Body Home WORKOUTS and more: Are streamed from the Kinetica App and website, many using the cables and some without, so you can progress in your fitness journey when traveling.

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