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 Hey fitness enthusiast! 
                 Ready for a breakthrough in your fitness, strength, endurance,
                                                         or injury recovery?
                                                                  Are you…

                                                                                                                     Join the

      REFORM Intensive

        and discover how to level up the fitness that puts you in complete
                                               control of your strength ( and health!)
                                                                 in just 12 weeks

  1. Pleased with how far you have come but have stalled – your improvement has stalled?

  2. Recovering from an injury and needing a proven, risk-managed program to get back to full health?

  3. Tired of being on the same treadmill of exercises and routines?

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For more than 30 years Marina has coached students, professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts to reach their personal fitness goals:  Now you can bring Marina to your home or studio!

Marina, the founder of Kentica, Physiotherapist, and Pilates Master Instructor Trainer is now offering personalized assessment and improvement programs for students worldwide.  Using digital analysis and Zoom video technology, Marina will design a personalized 12-week program to cause the breakthrough you are looking for.

     Welcome to Marina's       REFORM INTENSIVE
    YOU don't need to change 
                     But your training program does!
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  Marina uses a unique approach:






   Assessment and education sessions comprising:

  • Information gathering of your fitness history, any injuries or chronic conditions, and other important bio and physiological data

  • Posture and Movement Assessments by Marina – on a Zoom video call in the privacy of your home or studio Marina will take you through a detailed review of your posture and basic movements. Marina will also make corrections to both posture and movements – and record this for you to playback and continue to learn on your own

  • Fitness Baseline by Marina:  Again, utilizing Zoom, Marina will guide you through a series of 18 basic moves to establish and measure the start of your 12-week fitness journey. 


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Based on the DISCOVERY sessions, Marina will design a personalized, 12-week exercise program that will take you to the next level of fitness and enable you to meet your goals.

  1. The program is delivered to you in a series of short, easy-to-follow videos. Marina provides simple instructions at the start of each one. They require only the most basic equipment. (E.g., mat, stretch bands, ball)

  2.  Track your progress and celebrate milestones achieved using the Kinetica LBR (Lower Back Recovery)Tracker   

  3.  Marina will join you for an hour via Zoom halfway through your 12-week program.  She can also be available should you wish to arrange additional time with her.


Reach your goals.

Safely and Sustainably.


Marina will join you for a 30-minute wrap-up session    and provide a pathway for you to sustain your LBR      success


      Set yourself free with Kinetica. 


  The LBR program can be started at any time. 


  • Personalized

  • Powerful

  • Proven

  • Simple and effective


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