7 Reasons to Workout with KinetiCube

There are so many reasons that we love the KinetiCube! In case you haven’t heard of it, this incredibly versatile piece of equipment was created by our owner and Master Trainer Marina. Put simply, it’s a cable weight machine that combines functional training, Pilates and physiotherapy. While it can look a bit intimidating to newbies, it’s a great choice for anyone looking for a varied, effective workout. Here’s a few of our top reasons to book in for a private KinetiCube session.


Our KinetiCube training programmes are biomechanically balanced and scientifically proven. If strength or stability are the focus of your goals, this should be music to your ears! The design of the cables mean they provide constant tension as you lift and lower each weight; making them twice as effective as most dumbbell exercises in which we can cheat on the way down as gravity does the lowering for you!


At SmartFit, our instructors are experienced in helping clients to recover from injury, gain strength and alleviate pain from ongoing physical conditions. The versatility of the KinetiCube makes it the perfect piece of equipment for this. Our rehabilitative programmes focus on correcting imbalances, retraining our muscles to hold the body in optimal alignment and strengthening the local stabiliser muscles. And that’s not all. By working out on the KinetiCube, our clients will learn new methods of movement that gain better body and muscular awareness, which in turn helps to improve posture and form in all other types of exercise. Even better? Each instructor will tailor your private session to your body, ability and objectives to ensure you get the most from every minute you spend here.


Name a muscle and the KinetiCube can work it! As any fitness professional will tell you, mixing up your workout routine with different types of exercise is always a good thing. By encouraging your body to move in new ways, you are targeting and strengthening your body as a whole, and teaching it to adapt when necessary. That’s where the KinetiCube comes in. With different cables and equipment on each side, you have a huge variety of exercises to choose from including complicated compound movements and progressive load exercises using weighted cables, as well as those focused on mobility, cardiovascular fitness and core. In a one-hour class, expect to be on the floor, on your knees and on your feet!


Unlike free weights, the KinetiCube cables are connected and stable, meaning you work through each exercise in a controlled and direct plane of motion. Thanks to this stability, you’re less likely to overcompensate for lazy muscles with incorrect form (such as over-arching your lower back) and therefore less likely to do yourself an injury! The progressive load on each cable enables you to switch up the weights with quick and easy adjustments, so you’ll see clear and steady progress without any guesswork or wincing required.


A unilateral exercise is any movement that works one side of your body at a time, such as a single-leg squat. As the majority of us tend to have a ‘stronger side’ and ‘weaker side’, these kinds of exercises are fantastic at isolating and working a specific muscle on a specific side of the body; thereby ensuring balanced muscular development. This is hugely important for posture and alignment in everyday life, as well as anyone with back, hip or knee issues. With the help of your instructor, you can work through a wide variety of unilateral exercises using the weighted cables on the KinetiCube, both in a group class or private session.


In years gone by, strength training was considered a male-oriented workout. Thankfully, times have changed and people are now realising all the benefits that building strength has for women too. Weight training has been shown to help lower your risk of osteoporosis and heart disease, and is also fundamental for those wishing to lose weight. The simple truth is that muscle mass burns fat! The more focus you put on building muscle, the quicker your fat percentage will decrease. This is because muscle burns fat for up to 12 hours after a strength workout; even while you’re at rest. And there’s no fear of getting ‘bulky’ either - our instructors are trained to create workout programmes that focus on the client’s goals. For men wanting to bulk up, the KinetiCube is the perfect choice, but it’s equally as effective for women looking simply to tone their physique and/or slim down. As we’ve said before, the KinetiCube can do it all!


Exercising using weighted cabled is popular around the globe, but the KinetiCube cable machine is one-of-a-kind. It was designed exclusively for SmartFit by our owner and Master Trainer to deliver everything her clients needed in one. This is the only place in Singapore you can exercise on this unique piece of equipment and gain all the benefits it has to offer.

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