A few secrets about CORE

Here are a few secrets about your “core”.

These days everyone knows you need to strengthen your core, but few know much more than that. When I ask people what core muscles they know, they think “six-pack”. This is only one small part of your core.

Your core is the entire region between ribs and pelvis, including the lower back. All those areas, front, sides, and back make up your core.

Why is it so important? Because it protects the most weight-bearing part of your body: the lower back.

As you may have noticed in my post-Pilates vs Gym, your body has three layers of muscles – this is true about your core. Your core includes stabilizers and movers. And you need to train these differently, as well as in 3 dimensions. How? A good place to start is the 7 Posture rules. [https://www.kineticaconnect.online/catalog/collections/610fec152cb9197aa55f6c8e/60ffd88720adca522277758c] These will teach you to feel your core, activate it properly, and set you up to then develop all three layers.

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