Ever wonder why I do what I do?

Hello! My name is Marina Goddu and I am an entrepreneur and Pilates instructor.

For more than 30 years I have been a fitness trainer in group and private programs of various types, from high-intensity to rehabilitation in all known areas. I have created and developed two successful fitness studios in Russia and Singapore.

Now I am working on a new online project "Home Pilates Studio". Based on my experience as a business owner and teacher, I develop a home mini cable machine and video workouts for it.

I am a trainer and physiotherapist by education.

At the age of 40, from intense exertion, I began to have health problems: severe pains in my back and hip began. According to all the doctors' verdicts, I was healthy, but my condition continued to deteriorate, and my career was called into question.

I decided to try to find a system of exercises myself that would help me, and I could help others with musculoskeletal problems by training them.

Pilates is what I thought about first. In Russia, in 2008, no one was involved in Pilates, I got into the first training course on Pilates in Moscow, and I realized that this is exactly what I and many people like me need, so I wanted to study this system from the original source in the best school the world. In the same year, while spending my holidays with my daughter in Hawaii, I went to the Pilates studio, tried it, and the instructor with burning eyes told me about STOTT PILATES and training. This is how my friendship with the Pilates Wellness System began. For 14 years now I have been practicing myself and training people. I opened a Pilates studio in Singapore and still worked hard, but I was able to stay in my favorite profession, earn money, help myself recover from trauma and restore others.

I even got a license to train instructors from STOTT PILATES, which is a very honorable degree and I'm proud of it. I have passed the entire Pilates training system through myself, so I can tell a lot, as well as share my own experience.

Pilates allowed me to live in any country in the world, establish the very mode of work, recover from a back injury, have my own business, train instructors and combine my experience and my accumulated knowledge into a new online project "Home Pilates Studio", which I am currently working on.

All this is priceless to me.

I am delighted with the results in the training process or in the recovery of injuries that the knowledge of the basics of Pilates brings, and I think that all instructors and fitness trainers should pass the basics of this system, and even introduced in schools.

I want to share what I know and apply myself.

I am sure that knowledge of the basics of movements will allow many to competently train at home on their own.

On this site you will find 7 short videos of Basic rules of Pilates and 10 basic training lessons on Pilates, where you only need a mat.

I propose to start your acquaintance with the free booklet "4 Secrets of a Healthy Lower Back". I have selected effective, and most importantly, fast-working techniques for him. You can try them as soon as you read them, on the same day, and feel if what I suggest helps.

WANT TO START WITH THE 4 SECRETS OF A HEALTHY LUMBAR, with exercises that relieve pain and strengthen the lower back - the most vulnerable part of the back? Then I invite you to familiarize yourself with it.

When ready, join a deeper study of the Pilates system!

I would like to explore the base of PILATES AT HOME FOR BEGINNERS click here.