Fitness Not Fad

Welcome to KinetiCube!

Thank you for visiting KinetiCube, if you are reading this, I believe you are seeking something new to achieve a more healthy, vibrant lifestyle. As a lifelong athlete and trainer I recognize this. When I was competing, I was constantly seeking to improve – maybe this brings you to KinetiCube. Also, because of my dedication to my sport – running – I experienced injuries and needed to recover – again, this may be why you are here today. Also, I am no longer competing – being well-past the age of competition!! Perhaps you are seeking to live your fullest life today and in the years to come, no longer seeking to set a personal best!

In my fitness journey I have tried many forms of exercise and sport but these did not always lead me to fitness, and sometimes led to injury. And so I invented KinetiCube.

“Fit or Fitness” defined means ready, prepared, centered and able to succeed at a task, an activity, a challenge. It is different than exercise or sport. Exercise, such as walking, is certainly positive – of course I encourage this! Exercise typically means physical work or practice of a general nature to improve physically. It is usually measured in distance or repetitions. It is typically unguided, unstructured. Also it usually focuses on major muscles or cardio. IT does not address small muscles or connective tissues.

Sport of course refers to specific athletic endeavor with highly measured performance. Again, I believe there are many benefits to participating in sports – I was a nationally-ranked athlete in Russia. But sports training does not lead to overall fitness. This can be seen in athletes of all kinds who suffer long after competing. Modern sports training does include cross-training and again, this is very positive.

Fitness, truly-vibrant fitness is not sports- or competition-driven, although it improves sport performance. Fitness is different than exercise, in fact it often calls for less exertion. Almost every week I meet someone who is recovering from their HIIT (High Intensity Training) workout – one of the latest fads filling exercise studios. Unfortunately HIIT fills the waiting rooms of physical therapists who are treating HIIT injuries due to sudden strain, over-exertion, and weekend warrior trauma injuries.

After completing university studies in Physiotherapy I discovered Pilates, a complete fitness training philosophy and program by Joseph Pilates. Created more than 100 years ago and consistently gaining in popularity worldwide, it is no overnite fad. Pilates reinforced so much of my university learning, particularly in balanced development of the core areas and connective tissues not just adding strength to major muscles. I recovered from my chronic sports injuries and learned to teach progressive programs to relieve pain and aid recovery for others. Pilates is definitely a pathway to vibrant fitness.

Still looking for more, and teaching people of all ages and abilities, I added weights and cable training to my Pilates programs. This in turn led me to invent and manufacture KinetiCube. Today I believe the combination of cable and Pilates with other fundamental fitness movements and practices provides a complete approach to vibrant fitness.

Working 1-1 with clients in Singapore, I have designed progressive programs of 3-to-8 session to improve general fitness, sports performance in Golf and tennis and assist clientele my age and older to “Age Strong”. All are finding short-and long-term benefits from this expanded approach, science and practice of fitness. KinetiCube provides guided exercise, targeted sport improvement and improved balance and strength for people of all ages. And it isn’t boring!

Again, my thanks for visiting me and KinetiCube. I hope you will try it and believe it will lead you to your best self, able and truly fit to meet each day.

I welcome your comments and feedback.

Yours Truly,