In responding to pandemic

In response to the pandemic, many people are working out at home. The sales of expensive fitness equipment are strong, but most people are learning and enjoying working out with bodyweight exercises and simple props. They have found that working out with an exercise ball, resistance band, or other simple equipment in a clear space in their bedroom or home office helps them stay in shape and regenerate energy for their video calls and daily tasks.

Simple props have been a key part of Pilates and functional fitness programs for many years -- my students and I use them all the time, in and out of the studio. In this and my next posts I will give you simple exercises to perform with:

- ⏩towel

- ⏩ resistance bands

- ⏩exercise Core ball

- ⏩light dumbbells

To start, always begin by centering yourself with breathing exercise and posture -- try our subscription Vital Essentul with very little props or only floor workouts!

we have great exercises with a chair are, do not miss!