My lower back pain

Tethered cord syndrome


Ever heard of “Tethered Cord Syndrome?” Neither had I and nor have many doctors even heard of it!

I am the “one in a million person” who has it. In February 2021 I had surgery to correct it and I believe it has worked!

From age of 13, I had pain in my lower back and left hip; the diagnosis was sciatica. At that time I already was training to be a professional runner, and the pain would come and go. Like any good athlete I was taking care, and consulting with sports doctors, but never fully recovered.

After university, I stopped running and the pain disappeared. But it came back after I turned 30 and slowly progressed. During this time I was teaching high-intensity aerobic classes. By 40 the pain became severe, but I needed to keep teaching and working to take care of my family and myself.

Pilates has been a great blessing, but the pain persisted. Interestingly, all the scans and tests never showed problems with my spine – any nerve impingement, no deteriorated or bulging disks. The pain remained a mystery.

In 2020 I met neurosurgeon Dr. Timothy Lee in Singapore, who diagnosed Tethered Cord Syndrome (TCS). This rare condition places nerves across the back under tension, and over time causes chronic pain.

I had spinal surgery 1.5 months ago and the pain is greatly reduced – almost gone in fact. Dr. Lee assures me it will fade completely as the nerves are retrained over time. It seems like a miracle to me.

I am writing my story for people who like me suffer from pain that has yet to be properly diagnosed.

I am glad that I met Dr. Lee and finally can live a pain-free, energized life!!!