Pilates makes you feel

Lately, I found myself thinking about why Pilates has grown to be so popular. Ten years ago people looked at me in surprise when I said what I was doing, but since then worldwide media have promoted Pilates. Many famous artists, athletes, and celebrities include Pilates in their weekly training regime. Today it is not unusual to hear that an office worker or housewife has decided to retrain and become a Pilates instructor. (This is a separate topic about which I want to share more later.)

Why the growth? In my opinion:

  • Pilates provides a different workout experience compared to others. Of course, there is the tone and firmness one seeks. But there is also relief and a feeling of lightness and calm. Stress goes away.

  • Low-intensity exercise is very effective and honestly is all most people need. There are basic rules that once learned, guide a practitioner for years of health and low stress. (You can learn “7 Basic Rules” here https://kineticaworkouts.uscreen.io/categories/7-basic-posture-rules)

  • The rules include proper breathing as a place to start. As you progress, working out a specific muscle group with the correct execution of the exercise, your entire nervous system relaxes, focuses, and also comes into balance.

  • The goal in Pilates is not to lose weight or gain muscle mass, but to balance and strengthen the muscles, and make the body healthy. Weight loss and strength gains follow for many, but the pursuit is different in Pilates!

  • The workload is aimed at the small muscles, which are responsible for the health of the joints This leads to muscle balance and long-term, holistic health of the body.

  • A student learns to feel her body and enjoy the sensations of proper care and development of it.

I believe that Pilates is superior to other forms of practice in a holistic and caring way. After training with a competent trainer, you want to fly!

Have you tried Pilates? Share your experience!