Pilates or Gym?

Pilates vs strength training in a gym

At first glance, Pilates and typical weight training are similar – both build strength and are effective in weight and overall fitness training, having a flat stomach and offsetting cardio.

But there are important differences: few people know that Pilates and gym train different muscle systems in our body. We have 3 of them: The first is a superficial one – the large, mover muscles -- their main task is to move our body in space. The second is the stabilizers: deep muscles, those that are responsible for the health of the joints and keeping them in an optimal position so that the body serves us for a long time without repair or pain. These muscles are called stabilizers, they do the opposite job of the first group; they prevent unnecessary displacement of the joints, so the body works efficiently and as designed. The third group are intermediate muscles -- these are a link between the first two groups

Most weight training in a gym focuses on the movers to gain strength and size. In Pilates, you train the deep small, and medium ones. Poor posture and injuries can only be cured or prevented by training the small and middle stabilizers, responsible for alignment. In fact weight lifters are plagued by injuries around joints, because they do not focus on the deep muscles. Optimally, you should have a 50/50 balance in developing these systems.

Adding Pilates to your overall fitness regime will get you 3 in 1 - healthy joints, a strong body ready to serve you, and a platform to keep developing without injury. A well-trained Pilates instructor can not only tailor your Pilates program but recommend a complete functional fitness regime to achieve your posture and fitness goals – at any age and every level.

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Wishing you to always have a pain-free, healthy life