"Tonic" and "Phasic" muscles

Many of you are interested in learning while you improve your fitness – today I’d like to introduce you to perhaps a few new words and concepts to help you learn and improve your health – both!

Functionally, muscles can be classified as “tonic” or “phasic”. The tonic muscles are dominant. These muscles flex in repetitive activities (e.g., bending hips, walking, or bicep curl). The phasic system allows your limbs to extend – these include your triceps, glutes (you're rear-ended!), or a layer around your spine. Together they

oppose each other yet work in balance when you are healthy.

Tonic muscles are prone to tightness or shortness, and Phasic muscles are prone to weakness. I am posting today five exercises to strengthen your Phasic back muscles... Many of us spend too much time sitting these days so the back becomes weak. We tend to slouch and back muscles atrophy.

The five videos presented at our IG will strengthen your back, improve posture, and give you energy and vitality.

Try these once, then ideally all 5 exercises 4 times per week till you feel stronger. I am using a Swiss ball to prevent compression for the lower back and flex band to add shoulder awareness but all of it can be done on the floor, with or without any equipment. If you need a more comprehensive program to strengthen your back, take a look at my one-month Lower Back Recovery program in the WORKOUT section.

I think you will find them quite beneficial. More to come about ANTI-SLOUCH exercises at home for the upper back, stay tuned.