What is Core?

and why is core important?

To put it simply: It is all about the lumbar spine – there are five bones -- the five lumbar vertebrae – around which the core is focused. These five small and fragile bones do all the “heavy lifting”. 4 Deep muscles: Diaphragm, Transverse, Pelvic floor, and multifidus which are responsible for support, hydration, and nutritions of the lower back the most. Focusing on your core – the entire area around these vertebrae -- will not only keep your lower back strong and in alignment but enable the structure above and below – your ribcage, pelvis, and legs – to play their part in your active, healthy lifestyle.

AND if there is one thing that Pilates does best, it is to develop the core – all three layers of muscle and all levels of development beginning with the posture. Pilates begins with core development and builds from there.