"You are only as old as your spine is flexible" J.Pilates

A few words to begin from Joseph Pilates, the founder of the Pilates method, one hundred years ago:

“Before proceeding, we must speak to the spinal column which is associated with all the major activities in your body.”

"Beginning movements to ''roll” and ''unroll” gradually but surely restore the spine to its normal at-birth position and increase flexibility. At the same time, you are completely emptying and refilling your lungs to their full capacity. This combination is vital to general health”.

Every certified Pilates instructor is trained to give spine moves in all planes in every workout. Why?

Basically, the spinal articulation (movement vertebrae by vertebrae) help to:

1. ✅.Naturally restores optimal spine curves.

2.✅Roll-in and roll-out movements oxygenate the blood throughout deflating and inflating lungs.

3.✅All planes of spinal moves activate spinal muscles and they bring nutrition and water to vertebrae and disks to keep them young and healthy.

See in our IGTV short (20 min) Basic Spine and shoulder mobility routine to release tension from the lower, middle, and upper back. It can be done 4 times a week till you feel progress.

Another bit of wisdom from Joseph Pilates:

“You are only as old as your spine is flexible”