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 Virtual Sessions set up

For many students, a private instructor who knows them, reviews the initial assessment, can motivate, and guide their fitness journey makes all the difference. We are pleased to offer this service.


Virtual sessions bring a KinetiCa instructor to the privacy, safety, and comfort of your home.

Sessions are held via Zoom app (free to download) and last for 50 minutes. Your instructor will talk you through and demonstrate each movement, as well as provide verbal cues, adjustments, and encouragement.

We hope you enjoy your Virtual Private Sessions and would love to hear your feedback on your workouts.

Here's how:

Use the “FIT” app to purchase  Custom plan FIX and book your virtual sessions:  an introductory “FREE Consultation” and virtual sessions.


  1. Book a free, 30-minute Consultation to meet your instructor, ask questions about how the sessions will work, share your “Initial Assessment” and get your computer and exercise area set up.  You and your instructor will set the time and date of your first Trial Session, and she/he will send you an invite using the “Zoom” app.  (If you wish, you can use “WhatsApp” to book your consultation: +1 351 912232216 (Please allow 24 hours for us to reply to your message).

  2. Book your Assessment Session:  This private, 50-minute session will be your first customized workout. 

You can book Private Sessions via the FIT by WIX app 48 hours in advance

 To download the Fit by Wix app:

  1. Go to the Apple App Store (on iPhone) or Google Play (on Android).

  2. Type 'Fit by Wix' in the Search field.

  3. Click Get or Install to download the app.

You can also download the Fit by Wix app right to your phone using these links:

                                 iOS App Download link                 Android App Download link

Tips to get the most out of your Trial :
  1. At least 2 hours before your first session, click this link to download the Zoom app onto your phone/ iPad/ tablet/ laptop, and create a free account. You will receive an automated email from Zoom. Click the link in the email from Zoom and then sign into your account on the Zoom app. (Note: When first creating your account, we recommend allowing Zoom notifications so that you receive reminders from Zoom when your session is coming up)

  2. Before your session, your instructor will share a link via email or WhatsApp. 5 minutes before the start of your session, click/tap that link and the session will automatically open in the Zoom app.

  3. If a pop-up appears that says ‘To hear others, please join audio’ then select ‘Call Using Internet Audio’.

  4. Allow access to microphone, if asked.

  5. If video doesn’t start automatically, tap the screen then tap ‘Start Video’.

  6. If you wish to mute the session at any time, tap the screen then tap ‘Mute’. Tap it again to unmute.

  7. To turn the camera around, tap the screen then tap this symbol:    

  8. If you need to end your session at any time, tap ‘End’ in the top right-hand corner then tap ‘Leave Meeting’.

Enjoy your sessions!

How To Access Virtual Private Sessions?

Set up the position of the camera on your phone/iPad/tablet/laptop so that:

  • Your full body can be seen in the video when lying down and standing.

  • Nothing is blocking the camera.

  • The light is above or in front of you, and that there is no bright light behind you.

For best sound quality, make sure that:

  • There is no distracting background noise in your home (e.g., TV, radio).

  • The volume on your phone/iPad/tablet/laptop is turned up high.

  • Notifications on phone/iPad/tablet/laptop are set to silent mode.

Other Tips…

  • Setting up “Zoom” before your session will maximize your workout time.

  • Make sure a mat, towel, or other props that you need for the session are close by.

  • Make sure you have enough space to perform exercises.

  • Confirm that you and the instructor can see and hear each other clearly before starting the workout.

  • Do I need equipment for a Virtual Private Session?
    It is up to you! If you do not have any equipment, your instructor will create a mat-based workout that uses only your body weight. If you would like to purchase KInetiCa machine equipment for your session or exercise props, you can see our recommended equipment on the next page of this guide. Once you have booked your session, you can tell your instructor what equipment you have, and she will utilize this during your session.


  • When is my instructor available for a Virtual Private Session?
    Each instructor’s schedule can be seen through on the FIT app. If you have any questions about your instructor’s availability, contact us on WhatsApp at +1 351 912232216 or

  • Can I try a Virtual Private Session with a different instructor?
    It is important for your instructor to know you and your Initial Assessment ahead of a virtual workout. For that reason, we suggest booking a Virtual Private Session with the same instructor. If you wish to change instructor, contact us on WhatsApp at +351 912262216 and we will do so if the instructor will be avalible.

  • How long is each Virtual Private Session?
    Your Free Consultation will be 30 minutes long.  All future sessions are 50 minutes in length, made up of 5 minutes of set-up time and 45 minutes of workout.


  • What device can I use for a Virtual Private Session?
    Any internet-ready device with a camera and microphone such as a phone, iPad, tablet, or laptop.  iPads, tablets, and laptops are preferable as they have a larger screen, meaning you will be able to see your instructor more clearly.


  • How do I download the Zoom app?
    Click this link to download the Zoom app onto your phone, iPad, tablet, or laptop. Create a free account, and shortly after you will receive an automated email from Zoom. Click the link in the email to sign into your account. We recommend doing this at least 2 hours before your session to avoid delays.


  • What happens if there are technical problems during my Virtual Private Session?
    If you experience any disruptive technical problems that prevent you from participating in your session, please let us know via WhatsApp (+1 720 7635603) or email ( We will deal with each case individually and will get back to you with a response as soon as possible.


Recommended Equipments for Virtual Private Sessions

To maximise your workout, you may wish to purchase the following equipment, which your instructor can then in your virtual session. Click the links below to see the recommended equipment, however you can purchase the same equipment elsewhere if you prefer.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on +65 82028804 (call, text, WhatsApp) or email


Pilates Ring

Balance Pad

Flex Bands (loop)

Flex Bands (long, long/medium resistance)

Foam Roller (mini)

Yoga Block

Small Stability Ball

Large Stability Ball

  • If you are less than 163cm tall,  size ball (55cm)

  • If you are 163-170cm tall,  size ball (65cm)

  • If you are taller than 170cm, size ball (75cm)

Dumbbells (2kg or 4kg)

Weighted hand balls 

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