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About Kinetica 


 Kinetica is an online streaming platform that offers fitness and rehabilitation workout programs. Challenged and motivated by the whole body and low intensity our workouts are fun and safe focused on quality and intelligent movement. Kinetica will bring you vitality, injury recovery, and more.

Welcome to your pathway to energized, pain-free living!


Why choose us?

We are happy to give you the best from our services which are based on serious experience

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25 years of teaching

Designed by an accomplished athlete, accredited Physical therapist, and certified STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer Marina Goddu.

Individual approach

A unique fusion of Pilates, functional fitness, and Cable resistance training. Adupted for home invierment.

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Elite cable training with the award-winning device, that takes no space and fits any training environment.

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One-stop Shop for All Your Health and Wellness Needs

Rehabilitation program for back

The 3-month video program for Lower Back Recover is built-in sets for 3 separate progression phases. Each phase is 1 month long and includes 24 classes. Video exercises plan for every day, equipment is optional.

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Equipment for home

KinetiCa offers workout plans with Cable resistance mechanism "ANCORE". CABLE settings combine smooth and satisfying both-way resistance, light, mobile, and easy to install. We can help you get it for your home studio along with accessories.

Streaming under subscriptions 

There are two types of plans for comprehensive full-body training. Access to 100+ videos. Stream from multiple devices, anywhere. Cancel anytime.

Personolised 3 month program

Upon assessment, I will design a personalized program according to your condition and concerns. If you want to go deep, I’ll get you there. Book your free consultation now!

Cable studio for buisnesses

KinetiCube is a multi-user fitness station encompassing Marina’s cable resistance video workouts, designed for group classes and individual sessions in fitness studios and gyms. Can be an exciting new addition to small and large fitness facilities or a stand-alone business.


our workout styles

All classes take into account small spase and various loads

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what will you get?

Save time and money

Pilates and personal training are expensive. Our goal is to make affordable elite fitness for anyone in the world. Digital training services cost 10 times less than in any Pilates or fitness live studio.  No need anymore spend time on transport, traffic, and paying for parking.


​There are 6 different disciplines organized in a variety of collections. Classes with cable devices will never make you, bored! Educational materials to support your training knowledge.

Necessary equipment to reach the results you want.


You don't need anymore put up with inconvenient studio locations, and traffic, adapt your own schedules, and follow strict cancellation policies. Now training fits you!


Manage your fitness from anywhere in the world.

Stream workouts from any device. All you need is the internet.


Pricing: plans for everyone

join us by clicking on the plan that suits you best 


“I've been a client since having my child.  Marina and her team have been amazing in restoring my core strength and helping me get fit again. The personal sessions and group classes (max 3) are great and the trainers really work with you to address your specific needs and concerns! I always feel a lot more balanced after my session.” 

—  Davina Chew


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