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Posture. Strength. Flexibility.


Hello, my name is Marina. I have been a professional athlete, fitness instructor, and gym owner my whole life.  Never quite satisfied with gyms and studios– like millions of others today perhaps including you – I have designed Kinetica Training, which includes a small Cable Trainer and prepared fitness videos organized to fit your age, fitness level and lifestyle.

For too long, people have put up with inconvenient studio locations or adapted their own schedules for instructors, strict cancellation policies, and contracts.  In exchange for the hyped-up motivation, they pay exorbitant monthly fees, endure traffic, pay to park, and worst of all, suffer injuries from misguided programs.

We are here to help.

 Kinetica is a unique combination of Cable, Pilates, Rehab and Functional training that provides safe, effective and personalized workouts.  To begin your fitness journey, I have designed a personalized diagnostic to assess your strength, flexibility, posture and movements.  This diagnostic is the first step in identifying any dysfunctions and their causes, and then, educating your body.  These are the keys to pain-free, energized living.  Then, I provide videos organized in "Channels" and  “Collections” – each designed to guide you toward reaching your fitness goal – be it recovery from injury, live a healthy vibrant lifestyle or achieve personal best in your sport.

Thank you for visiting my website.  Here you will find online video workouts,  educational e-books, private sessions and for fitness studio owners, I am pleased to introduce KinetiCube to expand the services of your business. I hope you enjoy this site and discover your best self through my products. 

Sincerely, Marina

What we offer


One-stop Shop for All Your Health and Wellness Needs

Maximize and track your performance and physical potential with specialized fitness and rehabilitation programs. There’s something for every mood, every level, and every goal.

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Lower Back

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Access a full library of professionally-led programs and workouts.

Try unlimited classes free for 14 days.

More Than Just Fitness

Come for the physical training, stay for the premium service and community.

streaming classes from anywhere, home, on the go, studio, gym and from any device, laptop, computer,

Vibrant Health

Patented Smart Cable Fitness Technology that gives you the strength and balance to be active and balance for life.

Break the boredom

Progress by challenging yourself by totally new fun combination of Cable, Pilates and fitness. ANCORE Cable machanism offers the ultimate in user freedom.

Any stage of your life

We provide low intensity safe workouts without compromising the health of our clients.

Track. Manage. Learn.

An all-in-one system to manage your training activity. Exercising is only a click away. Get healthy and track your progress with synced Kinetica App.

​​Find Your Community

​​We’re greater than the sum of our parts. Connect with like-minded Pilates and Fitness Lovers.


Simple and Flexible Pricing

Every plan starts with a 14-day trial. Enjoy your membership by clicking on the programs that suits you best.



We have KinetiCa and KinetiCube for you!

“I've been a client since having my child.  Marina and her team have been amazing in restoring my core strength and helping me get fit again. The personal sessions and group classes (max 3) are great and the trainers really work with you to address your specific needs and concerns! I always feel a lot more balanced after my session.” 

—  Davina Chew


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