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the study of motions  of bodies with out regards to force

rehab pilates

exercises programs for injury prevention and rehabilitation

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Rehabilitation Conditioning

Pilates and Strength

Injury prevention programs 


What we offer

Rehab Programs

Specifically designed for individuals who are dealing with an injury or special condition. These programs zero in on the areas of the body that are most commonly injured, providing targeted care and support for optimal recovery.

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All-in-one subscription

workout programs to mantain injury-free life

Injury prevention workouts
Educational manuals for health and posture
Useful articles for health and fitness
 Fitness                                         Pilates                                           E-books and guides                  Useful articles

Access a full library of professionally-led programs

Available on any device

Custom Plan

designed to provide exercises tailored to meet individual needs and goals

Free concultation with Marina Goddu
Spine flexibility test at home
Movement correction by insctructor
Personal training online
Free consultation
Learning movements
Receive personal plan

Learn more about benefits of the Custom Plan, discuss your goals and get all of your questions answered.

Real-time tests to assess your initial posture and muscles balance to track your progress.

Live classes: learn proper posture and correct exercise methods.

Receive the tailored exercise plan based on your medical history, level and target arias.  3x workouts/week, 45 mins each. 1 hr live check up call included.

With Kinetica training

You can solve many issues 

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Back pain
Loss of flexibility
Poor posture 
Low energy
Muscles loss
Bad mood

Home workout equipment

Revamp Your Home Workouts with our Lightweight and Rehab-Focused Equipment Recomendations

Cable Home resistance devise
ANCORE    - compact cable trainer

Simple to set up, easy to use, and compact all-in-one home resistance training device. Perfect for strength, flexibility, Pilates, and rehabilitation training

Assessoaries for home training
Exercise Props 

Complete your home workout space with these light, durable, and versatile exercise props to make your training more fun and diverse


Why choose Kinetica?

We are giving you the best from our services which are based on serious experience

Highly qualified instructor:  coach, physical therapist, certified fitness and Pilates trainer
25 years of teaching experience
Individual, science-based approach. Live training sessions (included in Custom plan)
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Unique Home Cable Workouts

Meet instructor

Marina Goddu

Physical therapist

Athletics coach

Pilates & Fitness Instructor


Workouts and exercise courses presented here are the results of my training and decades of experience in helping myself and clients deal with pain, improve their sports performance, and live a pain-free life!

I hope to help you recover from injuries, be your best in your sport, and live a full, energetic life! 

Pricing: plans for every need

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