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A step-by-step guide to properly perform the fundamental movements you and I do every day.


All of us bend, squat, look over our shoulder and wave to a friend.  Many enjoy tennis or golf and others work out strenuously.  All will benefit from proper dynamic posture: limbs, torso, spine and neck moving in perfect alignment, moving efficiently, moving as they were designed to do.


Regardless of whether you work out regularly or never exercise,  this guide will serve you.  I described how to do 10 movements that will improve your daily life and avoid injury.  I also described how to correct bad habits and poor posture.


For those of you working out, you will get more enjoyment from your sessions, be more proficient and enjoy the results.  For everyone, you will have a beginner’s guide to pain-free, energized living.

A Spotlight on Dynamic Posture

  • Hi, I am Marina, Physical Therapist and Pilates Instructor Trainer with 30 years of practice. I have learned that correct “static” or starting posture leads to healthy living and efficient exercise. And I have taught hundreds of clients how to self-assess and improve their posture. Let me show you how.

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