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Pilates & Rehab
streaming platform

Improve your physical health at home or on the go

About our training programs

Our programs are organized in collections located in  6 channels. they are designed as a complete guided program at different levels for a specific reason. The duration of each class varies from 30 to 60 min. Some workouts require additional equipment. 

Programs created by the world's class Instructor Trainer!

Access a full library of professionally-led programs 

Try workouts free for 14 days.

There’s something for every mood, every level, and every goal.

Explore our channels

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Improving posture, strength, and mobility. Creating lean balanced musculature 

20210528 Fitness5147.jpg

Launchpad for your improvement jornay

20210528 Fitness5276.jpg

Warming up and engaging all muscle groups through dynamic everyday movements


This workout will get you energized

for the whole day

20210528 Fitness5193.jpg

Focusing on weak areas of the body to get rid of aches and tightness

20210528 Fitness5085.jpg
Adults 50+

Low-impact  safe workouts to improve strength and balance

Access a full library of professionally-led programs 

Try Free for 14 days.

benefits of online training

Stay fit and healthy while spending less time and money


No sessions scheduleing or waiting lists. Quiet, clean and home atmosphere.

Save time

You don't waste time going to the stidio and waisting time in trafic.

Great quality

All workouts are well planed , organised , with out any rush or missing parts 

Be anywhere 

 Where you home or travaling is avalible anywhere it the world


What do you need to start our sessions

Stable Internet connection
Active fit sporty young woman holding dumbbells doing fitness exercise training abs and ba

You can join our classes using any device: smartphone, laptop, or smart TV.

Space of at least 2x2 meters

The minimum space where you can put a laptop or smartphone at a distance of 1.5–2 meters from you.

Minimal inventory or Cable(optional)

It is great if you have an exercise mat and dumbbells for the Essential plan. If you choose VIP, get "ANCORE" compact cable resistance mechanism.

Choose your subscription

Register for the demo lesson or choose a convenient subscription plan and start 14 days  free trial

The First Demo Class


Choose any workout from our libruary

Vital Essential 


Monthly subscription plan

14-day free trial. Only small props are required. Limited channels included


Vital VIP


Monthly subscription plan

14-day free trial. Small props and Cable device (optional). Unlimited channels included


20210528 Fitness4987.jpg

Begin your journey to

stronger health right now

Meet Marina

I have been working as an instructor since 1996. Successes and injuries in sports determined my profession. I trained people in many styles from high intensity to rehab, in groups and individually. A few years back I got a license to train instructors from the world leader school and become 

My mission is to make affordable elite fitness for anyone in the world! If you share the same idea, write, and I will be glad to cooperate.


Finding your instructor is like finding a diamond. I hope what I offer is what you are looking for!

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