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Power Pilates 

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  • Available for 14 days free

  • Start right away after the subscription

  • Self-training with no instructor support

Injury prevention workouts

Full Body

  • 5 lessons

  • 55 min long

  • Repeat each lesson 3-4 times

  • Mat, 2 dumbells, foam roller, 2m resistance band, and loop are required.

Get a Low-Impact Full-Body Workout with Our Pilates Fused Function Program!
Looking for a workout program that combines the benefits of Pilates and functional training for a low-impact full-body workout?
Our program focuses on building shoulder strength, core stability, and hip mobility, all while providing a low-impact workout that's gentle on your joints.
With Pilates-based exercises, you'll improve your overall posture, balance, and flexibility.
With functional training exercises, you'll work your body in a way that mimics everyday movements, making it easier to perform daily activities with ease.

Our program consists of 5 video sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of your body. 

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