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KinetiCa are hiring! This boutique on-line Pilates & Functional training studio based in Singapore is currently on the lookout for a Certified Pilates and fitness Instructors to record on-line video sessions on freelance base. What to expect from us? A high-end, welcoming environment and very friendly team! Who are we looking for? A highly qualified group instructors and fitness trainers who is passionate and responsible, has experience with rehab clients and who has a drive to continue to build on their current knowledge. 
Candidates with additional certifications in dance, sport specific training, athletic and physio backgrounds are encouraged to apply. A competitive salary is on offer. To apply please send your application and CV to


Objective: Moving through a journey toward growing stronger, healthier, more active and independent by incorporating exercise into their daily routine and become a lifelong habit.

Intended participants: Targeting participants who are inactive or mildly active seniors and even younger ones. 40-55 years old.

Content to be delivered to the intended audience: Via KinetiCa digital channels

Estimated number of  pre-recorded videos: Ones a week

Length of the video: 40-45 minutes – 5 sessions

Project Outline: Low impact workouts/aerobic dance – start doing light exercise and gradually increase their mobility and flexibility then move to strengthen their major muscle groups in the body to do low impact aerobic dance.

Journey: Begin the journey to stretch their major muscles groups in their body including teaching them the correct breathing techniques and improve their mobility and flexibility.  Then move to do some low impact workouts/aerobic dance.

Program: exercises must be varies include 10 minutes of mobility, balance, coordination, 20 minutes of low-impact workouts/Pilates/Flex/Strength (must include 5 mins of warm-up and 5 mins of cool-down)

Takeaway: Learn good basic stretching and incorporate this into their daily routine and practice at home.