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Kinetica Accessories 

SET 7in1

  1. Handles- 1 pair

  2. Foot straps- 1 pair

  3. Triceps rope- 1

  4. Carabines -1 pair

  5. Belt– 1 item

  6. Ankle strap – 1 Pair

All accessories are of the highest quality synthetic fabric and steel.

Pilates Box 

Used for a number of KinetiCa Exercises.

Perfect for storing workout  accessories.

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Custom-fit Shelving 

Perfect for storing heavy props such as dumbbells, kettlebells, other weights.


Some  Kinetica workouts include light weights. These are available at sporting goods stores. We suggest weights that are plastic-covered as they are comfortable to use and won’t mar your floors.

Dumbbells:  2, 3, 4 kg – 1 pair of each 

Kettlebells:  6 and 8 kg -  1 pair of each 

Slam ball: 3 or 4kg  

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Workout Accessories

A number of workouts include common props or accessories. They make the sessions more effective and more interesting, too. These are available at sporting goods stores. 

Swiss ball
Small stability Ball
Pilates Mat 
Balance Pad
Foam Roller
Resistance loop
Resistance Bands – small, medium and large
Suspension Trainer
Yoga block
Pilates ring
Toning balls
Pulldown bar 

Click on an item in the list to see our recommendation for each.

Workout Accessories - Pulldown bar

Attaches to KinetiCa cable machine.

Is ideal for developing arm muscles and improving grip strength. 

18” length recommended.

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Workout Accessories - Swiss Ball

Perfect for toning your body, strengthening your back and improving balance.

Available in 3 sizes. Choose according to your height:
Height: up to 1.55cm -- size 1
Height: 1.65cm -- size 2
Height: 1.75 cm -- size 3

Workout Accessories - Small Stability ball

Recommended size: 22-26cm diameter

Designed to intensify your workouts and help with your positioning during strength sessions

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Workout Accessories - Toning balls (2) 900g

Control and guide your poses while strengthening your upper body with this 900g sand-weighted ball.

Workout Accessories - Pilates Mat

Best size: 180cm x 60cm x 15mm 

The extra thickness of a Pilates mat is more comfortable.

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Workout Accessories - Balance pad

Recommended size: 39cm x 24cm x 6mm

For resting your feet, knees, hands and head during various  exercises.

Workout Accessories - Mini Foam Roller

Recommended size: Length 38 cm/Diameter 13 cm

For muscles release, and various Pilates workouts. Can also be used for self-massage.

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Workout Accessories - Resistance loops 5/6/7 kg

Resistance bands are perfect for strengthening your entire body.
LIGHT      5kg/11lb 
MEDIUM  6kg/13.2lb 
HIGH        7kg/15.4lb

Workout Accessories - Resistance bands

Designed for Pilates and Physio exercises.

3 colours for 3 levels of resistance.

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Workout Accessories - Suspension Trainer 

Designed for full-body strength training.

Workout Accessories - Foam Block

Improves your poses while your stretching.

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Workout Accessories - Pilates Ring

Used in various Pilates and KinetiCa exercises to strengthen your entire body.