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Core Control with CABLE Trainer

  • Available for 14 days free

  • Start right away after the subscription

  • Self-training with no instructor support

Injury prevention workouts

Full Body

  • 8 lessons

  • 55 min long

  • Repeat each lesson 3-4 times

  • ANCORE, 2 dumbells, a Swiss ball, 1 kettlebell, sand ball are required.

Strengthen Your Core and Full Body with Our Low-Impact Workout Program!
Are you looking for a low-impact workout program that strengthens your core and full body, all while listening to music and keeping to a specific tempo?
Look no further than our Core Control workout program!
Our program utilizes a variety of strength props, including dumbbells, kettlebells, Swiss balls, and the resistance home trainer ANCORE.
With a focus on slow movements, you'll work your body without putting undue stress on your joints.
The ANCORE provides adjustable resistance for a personalized workout, and with the added benefit of music and tempo control, you'll stay motivated and engaged throughout the whole workout.
Our program is designed for all fitness levels and consists of full-body workouts that will challenge your core, improve your strength and endurance, and leave you feeling energized.

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