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Are you a fitness club or studio owner?  Do you want to…
…Leverage your trainers and earn more revenue?
…Expand the great services that you offer your clientele?
…Improve your retention rate – have happier customers who stay longer?

 KinetiCube is for you.


About training system


 Picture this unique cable pulley machine in your studio, with 8 clients working out hi-energy videos, each complete with timing, great music, rest breaks, and simple instructions. Your instructor leads them through correcting posture and form; providing inspiration and energy.

 The group class moves from station to station, challenged and motivated by a whole body, core-firming workouts all perfectly timed and broadcast to uplifting music at each station.  KinetiCube fuses Pilates, functional fitness, and cable weights in high-energy, fun, video workouts that will delight your customers and increase your studio’s revenue.


For Owners of Fitness Studios

This unique cable weights machine comes with pre-recorded 50-minute workouts and accommodates 8 students at a time. KinetiCube can be used for group, private, and even self-training sessions in your studio – increasing your revenue and “leveraging” your trainers. With KinetiCube you can offer customized, progressing programs, all delivered by video with upbeat music and timings for each station in strength, cardio, and endurance: 

  • Full body functional strength

  • “Sling” training  (golf, tennis, running, etc.)

  • Upper / Lower body blast

  • Core Control

  • KinetiCube Pilates

  • Active4Life (Age 45+)


KinetiCube is a systematic approach to biomechanically balanced, full-body resistance training. It combines Pilates principles, functional and sports training, video technology, and music to provide upbeat, customized training for your clients.

Taking less space than a typical yoga room, and requiring minimal training for your coaching staff, KinetiCube will expand your studio’s repertoire and leverage your trainers – all for the long-term benefit of your clients.  KinetiCube comes complete with eight exercise programs, that begin with the push of a button. Addition programs, available for purchase online, progress from beginner, intermediate and advanced. They include specific “Collections” Pilates, Functional Training, Recovery, and “Active4Life”, programs for students 40 years in age and higher.

Keep reading for additional information on KinetiCube, training your instructors, and more. 

KinetiCube includes:

  • 6 cable pulleys

  • 4 built-in “smart” hd-tv monitors, with programming and remote 

  • H2.530m x W3.030m x L3.830m   

  • Comes complete with all loops, handles and bars.  The video programs call for fitness kit common to exercise studios.  

  • If you are setting up a new studio with KinetiCube, we can provide the complete set of accessories. (See “Shop” for detailed list)

  • Can be ordered with 1 or 2 benches (optional)




Main Frame


Steel Cables


Wooden Bars


Steel Weight Stacks


Cable Stations


Chin-up, stretch, and padded bars  



KinetiCube will use about the same space as 6 students practicing yoga.

6-8 students work out at the same time on KinetiCube, rotating through 8 video-guided workout stations in 50 minutes.  One trainer coaches and encourages the group.


Depending on your standard fees for a group session, and taking into account marketing costs, you can expect to recoup the cost of KinetiCube in less than six months.

KinetiCube will add diversity, interest, guided and progressive classes for sports, clients at every age, and more, expanding your studio’s repertoire and client base.  


Training your studio instructors is important, and easy.

We assume you have already hired certified personal trainers or group fitness instructors who are knowledgeable in anatomy and proper movement.

We provide 9 hours (three 3-hour video sessions) of the educational workshop ($300 US for each person) to train instructors in proper methods and safe use and give them the confidence to provide excellent KinetiCube training.

Got a question? Check out our FAQs page here
or email us at

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