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I am a Physiotherapist, former professional athlete and Pilates Master Instructor.  For years, I taught functional fitness and other disciplines in my own fitness studios in Russia and Singapore.  Today, I am bringing you the best of these disciplines and practices in the form of modern technology:  Kinetica.  A unique combination of cable technology (without the bulky, unsafe, clanging weights!), Pilates and functional training enhanced with touch screen HD video provides unprecedented results in a safe, private environment:  your home.


Your journey begins with a self-assessment, easily-entered by handphone into our secure Kinetica app.  The assessment gives you the data you need to choose one of our on-line video “Collections” which then will guide you in your personalized fitness journey.  Features such as Touch Screen, connection to Google Fit, and “InterAction”: our growing on-line fitness community, make the journey easy and fun, and let you focus on being and becoming your best self. 


Welcome to Kinetica Technology, your pathway to energized, pain-free living.


Sincerely, Marina




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